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About us

The word Heritage is described as “Something that is passed down from preceding generations”, and here at Heritage Motorwerks we like to think we’re simply following in the footsteps of Porsche and their amazing appreciation for detail and how much pride they take in their product. Heritage Motorwerks was founded by the late Matthew Drendel, a highly regarded Porsche collector, and was initially formed as a group that would solely support and maintain his extensive collection. After many months, it became evident that we had several Porsche enthusiasts that craved the same sort of expertise and attention to detail for their vehicles that’s being given to some of the most iconic Porsche cars of all time. Enter Bobby Stikeleather.

Bobby was chosen for his careful and analytical approach to problems: He comes equipped with
30 years dealership experience and an extensive knowledge of Porsche cars, both air and water-cooled. With Porsche factory training in everything from the Cayenne to the Carrera GT supercar, Bobby 
is prepared to tackle any job that’s put in front of him.


  1. Always top notch work! The 911 Turbo is in good hands with you. Enjoyed having Trevor over for a craft brew at CVBC. Thanks for taking care of me.

    (Posted on 2011-02-05 21:06:00 by )
  2. Wanted to personally thank Trevor, Mike, Eric along with Bobby and especailly Matt and Frank for the wonderful job you guys did at the Mark Donohue Reunion. The experience was the very best it could have ever been, and all of you were such a huge part of its success.......Thanks Guys!!!!!!!

    (Posted on 2010-07-28 12:14:00 by )
  3. sweet looking site!

    (Posted on 2009-10-21 04:29:00 by )
  4. Looks Great! Keep up the good work!

    (Posted on 2009-12-01 04:53:00 by )
  5. let's talk about shop to shop paint & body services when you get some time - I know the quality should be acceptable for us, lol.

    (Posted on 2009-12-02 15:14:00 by )

Standing a tremendous five foot, seven inches, Trevor Ely joined the Heritage Motorwerks crew and offers help in numerous areas, whether you need to arrange an appointment for servicing your ‘baby’ or if you’re searching for that elusive 911, he’s there to assist you. Trevor’s a passionate enthusiast and with a solid Porsche sales background has the knowledge and ability to help you find that certain something you’ve always wanted.


With nearly 20 years and well over a million safe driving miles behind the wheel of a big-rig, Eric Bailey rounds out the HMW group. Eric provides several years experience with hauling and handling the many vehicles that make up the Drendel collection. If you need to move a treasured item across the country,
Mr. Bailey is your man!