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Heritage Motorwerks LLC 

NC Porsche Repair

The word “Heritage” is described as “Something that is passed down from preceding generations”, and here at Heritage Motorwerks we like to think we’re simply following in the footsteps of Porsche and their philosophy of offering a remarkable level of detail in their product.  Our finished product is no different.



Heritage Motorwerks started life as a by-product of the management and curation of a world-class, Porsche collection.  Technician, Bobby Stikeleather, had the responsibility of helping keep icons like Porsche 917, 935 and 962s in healthy mechanical condition.  Following 29 years working within a dealership environment through Porsche, Bobby has never severed ties with his valuable customers, some of which he’s had for decades.



Today, the cars that made up the Drendel Family Collection have all found new homes, and Bobby has restructured the business to further accommodate his old and new customers.